FREE 6 Personalized Items from VistaPrint (+Shipping)

free vista print items

I love VistaPrint!  They are offering 6 of there products again for FREE!  These make great custom personalized gifts.

Here’s How to Order:

  1. Go to VistaPrint and choose any of the FREE items to personalize
  2. Start personalizing your item by choosing a design and customizing it
  3. After you’re finished, add the item to your cart
  4. Now click back on this link again and choose another FREE item
  5. Personalize and add to your cart
  6. Keep doing this until you have added all of the free products you’d like to your cart
  7. Head to checkout
  8. Do NOT add any additional items to your order.
  9. On the partners offers page, make sure to SKIP all the offers by leaving the boxes unchecked.
  10. Choose standard 14 day shipping (which will vary based on the number of items added to your cart)
  11. Your shipping total should come to less than $12 for ALL the FREE ITEMS!


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