Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser & Fragrance Spray Review

Glade Expressions Bzz Campaign

I was given the opportunity to test Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser & Fragrance Spray for FREE through Bzz Agent!  I was really excited with the variety of choices I had.


 The packaging, I’ll have to admit, influenced my initial decisions of what fragrances to get.  I love the bamboo inspired Glade Expressions® Oil Diffuser, it goes perfectly with my décor.  I bought the Glade Expressions® Pineapple & Mangosteen Oil Diffuser and really liked it.  It has hints of coconut and smells very sweet and tropical.  I loved that it saves energy by not needing to be plugged in, but I did wish it had a way to regulate the amount of scent it was omitting.

glade expressions oil diffuser

Again, with the packaging, I was hoping to find the Glade Expressions® Lavender & Juniper Berry Fragrance Spray in the sleek silver container, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. (I guess everyone else likes it too)  I choose the Glade Expressions® Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice Fragrance Spray to try.  After using this a couple times I totally understood what Glade Expressions® Collection meant when they said their fragrances were lightly layered and designed open up note by note.  At first spray, I smelled, “Mmm, apple spice” but then later on as I walked throughout the room, I caught lingering whiffs of fresh apples here, and a unique spice scent over there.  I was as if the scents were layered through the room; they were definitely long lasting, but not in a heavy way.  I really like this one, and will go back to look for that coveted Glade Expressions® Lavender & Juniper Berry Fragrance Spray.  😉

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All FOUR of these items were FREE or Discounted from Bzz Agent, they sure know how to take care of a girl! 😉



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