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Neutrogena Cosmetics Bzz Campaign 1

I was given Neutrogena Cosmetics to test for FREE from Bzz Agent and I have had a lot of fun using and playing around with them over the last couple months.  See my first review HERE.

As a busy mommy, my beauty routine has to be pretty simple but when I do take those extra 10 minutes a day to put myself together, I feel like I can really take on the day.  My Bzz Kit came with everything I needed for my basic look giving me beautiful natural looking lips and eyes.545506_174418422709983_1217663234_n

The Healthy Lengths Mascara is still my favorite item in the kit.  If I only have time to put on one type of makeup, it is mascara and this one is great.  The mascara in my kit was Black but it also comes in Black/Brown and Black Carbon.  One of the things I like the best about this mascara is that it doesn’t have a chemical smell that makes my eyes water.  This mascara layers well, so you can just wear one coat for a natural effect or you can put on up to 3 coats or so to get more dramatic eyes. DSC_7966

The package recommended applying it from the base of the lash up using a slight jiggling motion back and forth all the way to the tip.  I actually feel this technique is very beneficial with this mascara; it helped coat the lashes evenly all the way to the tip and separate them.  This mascara uses Olive Oil and Vitamin E to nourish and protect the lashes allowing them to grow longer.  I do feel like the smaller lashes on the outside and insides of my eyes are longer.


Lasting Taupe Crease-Proof Eye Shadow
After 16 hours without touch-ups …no creases!

The Crease-Proof Eye Shadow Sticks have a primer built in that allows it to last all day without ever creasing!  They come in 6 different shades.  My Bzz Kit came with Constant Copper and Lasting Taupe, which is the perfect combo of a light and dark brown to achieve a natural highlighting effect.   After using them a few times I found that you need to rub the eye shadow in to your lid a little bit to help it set and really become crease-proof all day long.  Once the eye shadow is blended in it dries quickly to a powdery finish.

I liked the feel of the MoistureSmooth Color Stick in my Bzz Kit so much that I went out and bought another color to try.  They go on really smooth, never sticky and gritty even as it is wearing off.  They don’t leave my lips crying for lip balm after it comes off either.  My lips actually feel softer and smoother.  MoistureSmooth Color Sticks come in 8 Different colors.  I received the Sweet Watermelon in my Bzz Kit and bought the Warm Caramel.  I may use my $2 Off Coupon to try another shade too!

Here is a $2 Off Coupon for you to try Neutrogena Cosmetics too!

I tested Neutrogena Cosmetics for FREE through Bzz Agent and all opinions are my own.  You can test products for free too …become a Bzz Agent today!

DSC_7995 DSC_7997

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