FREE Products through Just for U at Vons/Safeway

just for u

Are you a Safeway/Vons shopper?  Have you signed up for their Just for U Program yet?  You HAVE to do it!

I have saved SO much extra money by adding all the online deals before I go shopping.  You will have exclusive deals just for you based on your purchase history, deals that are on top of the Club Card deals and access to 100’s of online coupons so you don’t have to print them out a head of time.

…and what has been really fun for a freebie-lover like me, is they have been adding FREE Product Offers to my Just for U account!  I just have to add them to my card and they are FREE at checkout!  Example of free things I have gotten in the last couple months: Bisquick, O Organics Salad Bowls, Safeway Select Salad Bowls, Liberty Orchard Bar, Campbells Skillet Sauce, Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal, Hamburger Helper, Coffee Mate Creamer …and more!

Sign Up HERE

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