Palmolive® soft touch™ Review

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I received the Palmolive Soft Touch to test and review for FREE from Influenster! I was so excited to get this product to test because I use Palmolive, but had never tried their Soft Touch line.  Palmolive Soft Touch promises to be tough on grease and clean dishes to a sparkling shine while still being soft enough on your hands to leave your nails chip-free without wearing gloves.  This sounded perfect to me since I absolutely hate wearing gloves when washing dishes and my hands have really taken a toll.  I get really dry knuckles, cracks around my fingers …not to mention it has been impossible to keep my nails chip free for more than a day or so.  Whoohoo!  Let’s try this out!  …I have never been so excited about doing the dishes, I started to wonder if my husband put Influenster up to this brand challenge! 😉942788_192670370884788_1665760233_n

When I received my VoxBox from Influenster, there was not one, but two large bottles of Palmolive Soft Touch inside! Yay!  I got the Vitamin E and Aloe scents along with 5 coupons for $1 off to share with my friends.  I am definitely keeping one coupon for myself so I can try out the Coconut Butter scent!  I have seen these at a lot of stores, including Walmart for about $2.99 each.  I gave the Aloe bottle to my mom, who is also an avid by-hand-dishwasher and glove-wearer so that she could try this out too!  I was able to share my coupons with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin and they are all excited to try out their own bottle of Palmolive Soft Touch too.

969873_196989670452858_1251336247_nOk, so how does it work?  I was able to tell right away that this soap is different.  It did leave my hands really soft, like I had just washed with a moisturizing hand soap!  It cleaned my toughest and greasiest dishes really well and left my glasses sparkling …an obvious requirement for any good dish soap.  So it is true, Palmolive Soft Touch really is “Tough on Grease and Soft on Hands”

Now for the fun part!  Is is soft on my manicure too?  To test this I had to have a little fun with my nails and this came at the perfect time for me and my new nail polish obsession!  I painted my nails before I used the Palmolive Soft Touch for the first time and they still looked perfect after a huge load of pots and pans.  My nails actually stayed nice all week and I have had a lot of fun playing around with nail art to match my Palmolive Soft Touch bottles, haha!  It’s definitely more motivating to spend extra time on your nails when you know they won’t be ruined the next time you do the dishes!  voxbox-blogimage-popup2

I was given the Palmolive Soft Touch to test and review for FREE from Influenster.  All opinions are my own.  Check out what other Influensters have to say about it HERE.  You can test products for free too!  Request an invite on the Influenster Website or Facebook Page and then message me for some tips on getting your first VoxBox:


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