Julep Review & GIVEAWAY


I decided it was time to fit a bit of pretty into my routine and doing my nails seemed like a good place to start since it is something that would last for a week or two.  For Mother’s Day I signed up for a Julep Maven Nail Polish Subscription Box.  Now, normally subscription boxes scare me, but Julep is different!  First of all, your first box is FREE!  Enter code: FREEMAVEN and you only have to pay $3.99 shipping to receive a $40 box of nail polish and beauty products!  …but what sold me was that every month you are given a preview of the boxes available for that month, it is not a mystery like most subscription box programs.  You have the option of choosing any of the boxes available that month for $19 (w/ free shipping), or you can easily decline the box that month …or cancel all together!  You are never required to buy anything after you get your free box.

Did you know their polishes are non-toxic?  They do not contain any carcinogens formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene or DBP.   This is something I can really feel good about since a huge percentage of the products we put on our body are actually absorbed into our blood stream.   They also have a great points and referral program that allows you to earn points by making purchases and referring friends.  You can redeem these points for free boxes and nail polish, and they add up quick!  They have amazing customer service, and awarded me 1000 points after a recent misunderstanding. …now I have enough for another free box!

New Picture

My first FREE box was the Boho Glam Box for May 2013 which contained 2 polishes and a hand scrub.  The first polish I tried was a teal cream called “Lena” and I was blown away!  In two swipes, my nail was painted with full coverage, dried perfectly in 5 minutes, and lasted chip-free for over a week!   Ok now, I have to be honest, I had always bought cheap, cheap polish!  I felt like I was splurging when I would spend $5.  How different can nail polish be anyway?  Man was I wrong!   I have found that the different colors and finishes do require different amounts of coats to get the coverage you want.  For example, in the same box I also received an awesome steel gray color called “Stephani”, I needed to put on 3 coats, and they each took longer to dry.  I thought that was interesting, but still really loved the color.  I have had a lot of fun experimenting and playing around with nail art using nail tape (so easy!)

So the next month came up and I figured I would just skip it or cancel …but I couldn’t resist, and am sharing some of them with YOU!


To celebrate my over 500 Facebook followers (and my new nail polish obsession) I am giving away 7 bottles of Julep Nail Polish!  ($14 value each)  Yay, I love hosting giveaways!

ENTER to win one of seven bottles of Julep Nail Polish in fun trendy Summer colors.  One winner will be chosen every day from June 16-22 and receive the color specified for that day.  Once you enter the contest you will be in the running everyday to win, but can only win once during the contest period.

Share on Facebook and Twitter everyday for extra chances to win!  One prize will be guaranteed to the person with the most entries, and the rest will be chosen at random, so share, share, share …either way it will increase your chances! 🙂

The winner will be notified by email and have 72 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.  Open to US residents only.

Prizes for Each Day:

  • Sunday 6/16 – Lexi (Dandelion yellow crème)
  • Monday 6/17 – Raegan (Electric dark pink crème)
  • Tuesday 6/18 – Bess (Baby blue crème)
  • Wednesday 6/19 – Martha (Polo pink crème)
  • Thursday 6/20 – Dianna (Mint green crème)
  • Friday 6/21 – Char (Nautical navy blue crème)
  • Saturday 6/22 – Nan (Nantucket red crème)

2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the giveaway!! 🙂

  2. Love the yellow one!

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