Betty Crocker Cookies ‘n Creme Cookie Mix Review

cookies n cream cookies

I was excited to be one of the lucky people to receive a free cookie mix from Betty Crocker (who wouldn’t be?), but until I read the insert in my package, I didn’t realize that this particular promotion was for an unreleased cookie mix line!  Ooo, now I felt special and I couldn’t wait to try and review it before it is released in stores July 2013.  I received the Cookies ‘n Crème Cookies, but they are also releasing Reese’s Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies and Hershey’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

Ok, I LOVE white chocolate and Cookies ‘n Crème, but I didn’t want to eat the whole batch myself, so I took them to my dad’s birthday dinner who is pretty much the biggest cookie enthusiast I know.  As usual, I ate my quota in dough bites, nibbles and licks and by the time the cookies were done, I was good. (this always happens)  …but the dough was amazing!

The cookies were super easy to make.   Just add butter and water, mix and bake.  Tada, cookies in 20 minutes!  They were full of white chocolate chips and crushed chocolate cookies so did they taste a lot like the candy bar.

Keep your eyes out for these 3 new cookies mixes from Betty Crocker that will show up in stores July 2013. Yum, the Reese’s one is next on my list…

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