Northern Star Polish Review & Re-Opening Today!


I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am to be reviewing this Northern Star Polish on my blog.  Some of you may be aware of my recent nail polish obsession and I actually found Northern Star Polish while entering some giveaways.  OK, so I’m late to the game, but did you know there is a whole community of talented people who actually MAKE their own non-toxic nail polish?!  Now, I’m super crafty and if I haven’t mastered a certain hand-made craft yet, I plan to!  …but home-made nail polish?  Why have I never thought of this?

All of the Northern Star polishes are Big 4-Free which means they are never made with DBP, Toulene, Formeldehyde or Formeldehyde Resen.  They are also Cruelty-free, Gluten-free, Vegan and hand-crafted in our very own USA.  Kristin personally tests all of her ingredients and puts all products through a holding period before releasing them for sale.  That’s what’s so great about home-made products, you can really know what is going into them!


Honeysuckle Tangerine Cuticle Oil, Galactic Memories & TrustNo1

I was sent Trust No1 and Galactic Memories to review on my blog and just love them!  She also included a bottle of her own hand-made cuticle oil which she sends with all orders.  This stuff is amazing and has already helped my hands so much in the last week!  Northern Star Polish will reopen the etsy store on Friday June 28th at 1pmET/12CT/10amPT that’s TODAY!  Check out a sneak peak of the new colors HERE! …I am definitely planning on snatching some up!

TrustNo1 is described as a purple base with electric blue flaky glitter and is part of the Paranormal X Collection which is  inspired by The X-Files.  I thought this looked more like a cobalt blue on me and it has amazing depth with the flaky glitter which sparkles a beautiful turquoise.  This is my new favorite dark blue polish, that’s for sure!  TrustNo1 goes on really easy.  The first coat is pretty thin, but the second coat leaves really nice full coverage and dries quickly.  I had a hard time capturing the awesomeness of this polish in photos.  The blue flaky glitter shimmers so much more in person, especially in the sun.

DSC_9031  DSC_9139







Galactic Memories is described as a funky glitter topper with purple and hot pink shreds, stars and silver holographic glitters.  O…M…G, this is some serious bling for your nails!  I just LOVE it!  It is perfect over the TrustNo1 or a red for the 4th of July, but the holographic stars and glitters pick up so many colors that I had a lot of fun trying it over different shades.  It is a thicker formula in order to keep all of those awesome glitters suspended, but it was easy to apply and I didn’t have to dig around to hard too get the stars out.  I got at least one star on every couple of brush dips and usually didn’t have to dab too much to get it on the nail.  Like all glitter polishes, it will be rough when it dries and really benefits from a top coat.

This combo is so perfect for a 4th of July manicure…





But don’t limit wearing stars to the 4th!  I tried Galactic Memories over some bright colors and loved how the holographic stars and glitters reflected the colors.  I’m not sure what happened to the coloring here, the photos looked clear and bright when I uploaded them.  I think I like it over the neon green and pink best here.


Galactic Memories over bright Summery Colors


Galactic Memories over bright Summery Colors

Then I tried Galactic Memories over white.  This caught the light like crazy and was super flashy.  I could see doing this for prom or new years when you want bejeweled fingertips.


Galactic Memories over White


Galactic Memories over White

Then I wanted to try Galactic Memories over black, which of course looked awesome.


Galactic Memories over Black


Galactic Memories over Black

And last but very certainly NOT least, I wanted to try out my very 1st matte topcoat on TrustNo1 and was totally blown away!  It turned it into this amazing sea-glass look and you could still see the depth of the glitters inside.  The matte coat is on all but the accent nail where instead, I put a light coat of Galactic Memories on the tip.  I have officially decided this whole matte thing is a trend I am totally jumping all over!!!   …and check out how much better my cuticles look after using my cuticle oil gift for a week!

TrustNo1 Matte1

TrustNo1 w/ Matte Topcoat and Galactic Memories on Accent Nail

So are you ready to go shopping?! Northern Star Polish will reopen the etsy store on Friday June 28th at 1pmET/12CT/10amPT that’s TODAY!  Check out a sneak peak of the new colors HERE! …I am definitely planning on snatching some up!

Show Kristin some love on Facebook and join us for the Northern Star Polish Etsy Store reopening HERE

I received these polishes for review purposes and all opinions are my own.  Thank you so much for the opportunity Kristin, I can’t wait to try more!


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