The Devil Wears Polish Review & GIVEAWAY!


Did you know that the devil wears polish?  Of course she does!  Do you imagine her any other way?!  😉

The Devil Wears Polish is a great new indie polish maker that I just love!  Her polish collections are amazing and come with fun naughty names …just as you would expect from the name of her store and blog.  Tami makes all of her polishes using a 3-free base and personally hand-mixes each bottle with lots of love and badassery.

I just couldn’t wait for her store to open last month, so I bought a bottle of How’s Them Berries from her blog sale and Tami was so cool to throw in an extra mini of Girls Love to Blow…Bubbles!  Check out my pics of these awesome pretties and scroll down for a chance to win some yourself!


First I want to show you How’s Them Berries.  It is a 3-free shimmery purple jelly base with various sized fuchsia, violet, and gold dots.  I LOVE the large dot glitters!  You don’t see them in many polishes and they look so cool in the jelly base because you can really see the depth in it.  The purple is so pretty with just a slight shimmer to it.  In these pictures I have 3 coats on with a top coat.




I originally tried this on my short natural nails, but wanted to do it more justice and ended up buying some stick-ons.  Is that polish swatching faux pas?  I really have no idea.  If you are reading down this far, what do YOU think of the stick-ons? Too much? Pretty nice?  I’d love to know.

On my natural nails I have two coats and a top coat.  I actually have How’s Them Berries on my toes right now and love the way those big dot glitters catch the light.




Next is Girls Love to Blow …Bubbles.  It is a 3-free sheer pink crelly polish mixed with neon pink micro glitter and dot glitters in various sizes and colors.  …Again the large dot glitters that I love, yay! 🙂  This one is SO cute!  It reminds me of bubblegum icecream.

TheDevilWearsPolish009   TheDevilWearsPolish010

Again with the stick-ons vs. mini natural nails, I had to try both.  I fell in love with this one too and already used my whole sample, so I’ll have to grab another bottle from her store soon.

TheDevilWearsPolish011   TheDevilWearsPolish012

And now for the GIVEAWAY!!! 

Are you ready to win your choice of one of her awesome polishes, or a whole set of her new Lust-Rous Linears Collection?!  She even has an option for our Canadian friends for a total of 3 winners!   Show Tami some love on Facebook, Twitter, her Blog and Store …it’ll be worth it, she has lots of devilishly fun new stuff coming up!


New Picture

Canadian Prize #3:  a 50% Off Discount Code to The Devil Wears Polish



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  1. Oh wow! They both look AMAZING 🙂 Gorgeous photos Elisa!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful review!

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