Facebook is at it AGAIN

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Don’t miss out on the posts you want to see!  Facebook’s policies come and go regarding what shows up in your news feed but there IS a way to take control!  You can easily adjust your settings to have all the posts from your favorite pages show in your news feed.  You can even create lists to group certain pages or friends and find them easily.  For example, I have a “freebies” list with all of the other freebie sites I follow.

As a huge THANK YOU to those of you who do this for my site, follow along, like, comment and share my posts, I will be having lots of little flash giveaways for you!  My extra freebies are getting out of control and I want to share them with you.  Don’t miss a post!  Follow these instructions to add my site and hopefully more than 10% of you will start seeing all the freebie goodness:

  1. Head over to the FreebieMommie Facebook Page
  2. Hover over the “LIKE” button until the drop-down displays
  3. Click “Get Notifications” to get an Update every time a post is made
  4. Click “Add to Interest Lists…” to create or add to a list



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