Ellagee Polish and Jewelry Review …and GIVEAWAYS


Yay!  I have so many fun things from Ellagee Polish to share with you, even a couple “polish firsts” for me!  All Ellagee polishes are hand crafted by Laura in small batches with care and attention to detail. They are made with only high-quality components and are tested for separation, sinking, fading, bleeding, curling, durability and down right awesomeness.  All polishes are cruelty free, vegan and they are 5-free meaning they are free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Camphor, and Formaldehyde Resin.  I love this!  Most handcrafted nail polishes are at least 3-free which I love, but 5-free makes me extra happy! 🙂


Today I not only have polish to share with you but Nail Polish Jewelry too!  Have you seen these yet?  Laura can put any of her polishes into rings, pendants or earrings to make beautiful and unique jewelry.  I have seen a few of these around but I love the settings that Ellagee has the best!  What is really fun, is that you can paint your nails to match for a complete set.  I ordered the Ring, Teardrop Earrings and Round Pendant in Beam Me Up over black.  It turned out so gorgeous and is actually the set pictured on her site!


Ellagee Nail Polish Jewelry – Beam Me Up over black


Ellagee Nail Polish Jewelry – Beam Me Up over black

Ellagee also makes cute little Nail Polish Key Chains in the polish color of your choice.  It’s funny, I misunderstood and thought the key chain was a mini polish for touch-ups on the go, but Laura had a good point …you wouldn’t what that breaking or opening in your purse! 😛  So she went ahead and sent me a real mini of Beam Me Up so I could paint my nails to match, whoohoo!  How cute are these key chains?  Wouldn’t they be great stocking stuffers for the polish lover in you life?  They have been tested for durability and can totally withstand the normal wear and tear your key chain goes through.


Ellagee Nail Polish Key Chain – Beam Me Up over black

Beam Me Up is a sheer gold shimmer top coat that looks great over so many colors!  In all these pictures I have on 2 coats of Beam Me Up.  I didn’t need a top coat because it is super smooth and shiny on it’s own.


2 coats of Beam Me Up


Beam Me Up over purple, blue, green and red


Beam Me Up over black

Laura also sent me a blogger sample of La Fée Verte which is a thermal glow-in-the-dark polish with subtle ultrafine holographic shimmer.  This polish is actually two first for me and I was SO excited!  I have never had a thermal or a glow polish, yay!  This polish is silver when it is warm and green-blue when it is cool.  Normally I’m always cold, so it stays a really awesome minty teal color, both colors are so pretty and you can get a beautiful gradient effect when it is used on long nails.  I tried so hard to get the gradient to show on my nails, but it was 93 degrees in my house that day and my tips wouldn’t stay green, haha!


La Fée Verte – Cool Tip Warm Bottle


La Fée Verte – Cool


La Fée Verte – Warm


La Fée Verte – Warm Bottle, Cool Nails


La Fée Verte – Cool Bottle, Warm Nails

and La Fée Verte is glow-in-the-dark!  I have never owned a glow polish either, so I thought that was super cool, and just in time for Halloween!


La Fée Verte – Glow In the Dark!

I originally found Ellagee when I entered and won a giveaway, but my poor little prize polish got set aside while I went on a swatching and reviewing frenzy.  I finally gave It’s a Gas Gas Gas! a chance to shine and boy did she sing!  It’s a Gas Gas Gas! is a medium fuchsia with ultrafine holographic shimmer and teeny gold holo glitter, SO pretty!  In these pictures I have on 2 coats with a top coat, with and without flash.  …time to get jewelry to match! 🙂


It’s a Gas Gas Gas!


It’s a Gas Gas Gas!


Ellagee Polish is in a couple of giveaways right now so you can enter to win some of her amazing polishes too!



Check out all the beautiful products in the Ellagee Polish Store and keep up with new releases and sales on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

The products in this review are a combination of purchases, blogger samples and giveaway prizes, all opinions are my own.



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  1. Wow Elisa, thank you! I might need to swipe some of these photos too ❤

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