Teespring Crowdfunded Custom Apparel Review

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Have you ever been involved in a fundraiser where you wanted everyone to buy a custom t-shirt for the event?  Did this leave you chasing people around to get their right size, asking for money, delivering shirts and then ending up with not enough or a bunch of extras in random sizes?  Teespring is a company that has come up with a creative solution for just this thing!  Teespring allows you to create and sell custom t-shirts with zero upfront costs and zero risk.

Next time you need to design and sell t-shirts for your Heart Walk, Little League, Reunion etc, log on to Teespring and check out its easy-to-use, no risk program to help you out.   What makes this program so special is that you will not have to pay any money up front and no shirts will be printed until you have reached your fundraising goal.  Once your goal is reached, Teespring will be responsible for the billing, printing and shipping of the shirts directly to your supporters and then they will send you a check for the profit!

So how does this work?  Teespring has an online shirt designer with 10,000+ pictures and 50+ fonts to choose from, but you can also upload your own art, which gives you limitless options when designing your unique t-shirts.  They will help you launch your campaign, and set up a campaign page where you can send your supporters to buy their shirts.  This page will outline your fundraising goal, the price of the shirts and ordering process.  Once your campaign has ended and you have met or exceeded your goal, Teespring will handle the rest and get your shirts and fundraising money to you in time for your event.

Sounds great to me!  This would have been great when I worked at the hospital and we were organizing 100’s of nurses to participate in all of those fundraising walks!  Check out the easy-to-use shirt designer on their site and follow along for updates and promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

I played around with their shirt designer for a few minutes and came up with your new favorite hoodie … 😉

New Picture (16)

I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own.



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