Beauty Bar Baby Mineral Eyeshadow Review and SALE!

Beauty Bar Baby Eyeshadow Set 2
I have recently been trying to use more natural beauty products, so when my friend told me about Beauty Bar Baby Mineral Makeup I jumped at the chance to buy the discounted blogger package to try them and share them with you.  All of the mineral makeup at Beauty Bar Baby is 100% all natural with NO parabens, sulfates, talc, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, or cheap fillers added.  Everything in the shop is handcrafted in small batches by Nicole.  She literally has 100’s of items and tons of colors in her shop and is constantly adding new things!  Keep reading for a special offer just for us!
Beauty Bar Baby Eyeshadow Set 3
I bought 2 blogger packages with 6 eye shadows each and even trying to pick just 12 colors was hard!  I decided to try both warm and cool shades so I could play around with some fun color combos.  When they arrived I was in awe!  These are definitely the prettiest eye shadows I have every owned, or even seen!  Some of them are so sparkly, I just can’t get over it!  Each eyeshadow was individually sealed in shrink wrapped plastic, so they all arrived safely with no spillage at all.
I was super excited, but honestly I had never used loose powdered eyeshadow before.  First I played around with it using q-tips and then bought a little makeup brush set at CVS.  I swatched each color on my arm, both dry and wet.  It is crazy how different they can look when applied wet!  Several of the ones I bought were eyeshadow/eyeliners and I really loved how they looked as eyeliner!  I was surprised what smooth line you can get using it this way.  Then of course I played around with a few different looks using them.  Are you ready for tons of pics?
Black Widow, Meteor and Stolen  Left to Right is Black Widow, Meteor and Stolen.
Black Widow Liner/Shadow – Black with silver diamond fire sparks through out
Meteor Liner/Shadow – Smokey grey/black matte shade with silver sparkles
Stolen Liner/Shadow – Steel blue grey with purple undertones
Chocolate Sparks, Camp Fire and Sandy Toes  Left to Right is Chocolate Sparks, Campfire and Sandy Toes.
Chocolate Sparks Glimmer Eyeshadow – Chocolate brown with hints of golden sparks
Campfire Eyeshadow – Rich shimmery oranges, golds & browns
Sandy Toes – Neutral soft colors of peaches, pinks & gleaming honey golds
Seductress and Grapeberry  Left to Right is Seductress and Grapeberry.
Seductress Duo Chrome Eyeshadow – Matte Black base color (looks purple in jar) loaded with purple sparkle glitter & purple interference glowing undertones
Grapeberries Glimmer Eyeshadow – Medium purple amethyst with black undertones
Sexy and Lust  Left to Right is Lust and Sexy
Lust Glimmer Eyeshadow – Deep mauve/burgandy tone with brown undertones
Sexy Glimmer Eyeshadow – Plum burgundy with pink rose undertones
Dragons Tail and Barbados  Left to Right is Dragon’s Tail and Barbados.
Dragon’s Tail Liner/Shadow – Deep & dark shades of blues & emerald greens with black undertones, more of a teal shade
Barbados Glimmer Eyeshadow – Shimmery teal blue green shade with silver sparkle undertones
I had a lot of fun playing around with different looks and colors, but found out quickly that I am not a makeup artist …yet, haha. 🙂
Black Widow and Sexy
Black Widow & Lust
Stolen and Dragons Tail
Dragon’s Tail & Stolen
Barbados and Seductress Seductress & Barbardos
Sandy Toes and Chocolate Sparks
Sandy Toes & Chocolate Sparks

SALE Time!

There is a Fall Sale going on right now for 50% Off All Eyeshadow Colorsand Nicole has actually offered a special discount, just for US!  Use the code 10FREEBIEMOMMIE10 at checkout for an extra 10% off your order!  Yay!  Check out all of the amazing products in the Beauty Bar Baby Store and follow along on Facebook for all the latest sales and giveaways.
Extra bonus fun…
My friend Sarah from Polish Luv turned one of her Beauty Bar Baby Eyeshadows into a nail polish and it was incredible!  Now, I don’t know anything about polish making (and I’ll leave it to the experts) but I couldn’t resist and put a little bit of Campfire into some clear base coat to see what would happen.  I really love this coppery color!
Camp Fire Polish 2
Then I put a bit of Barbados in an almost empty bottle of Taste the Rainbow from Polish Luv and came up with this awesome color!  Fun! …looks like Nicole should start making polish too! 😉
Barbados in Taste the Rainbow 2
              z Black Widow and Sexy

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  1. I love the review! Made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside and put a huge smile on my face!! You did awesome, girl! ❤

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