Polished Expression Custom Nail Wraps Review

Polished Expression 0001

I have the most BEAUTIFUL nail wraps I have ever seen to share with you today and the best part is they are HANDMADE!

Deb over at Polished Expression Designs makes a variety of custom wooden home and wedding decor using reclaimed wood and materials.  Her products are so cute with a rustic shabby chic style.  She also makes stunning custom nail wraps using real nail polish!  I love the marbling nail art technique but have absolutely no interest in trying to do it myself, so when I saw her nail wraps I was really intrigued!

She makes them with real nail polish and instead of using glue or heat like other wraps, they just adhere to your regular wet base coat.   I bought a set of 12 in the Chocolate Truffle design and Deb threw in a bunch of other fun Fall colors for me to review too, yay!  I’m so glad she did, because I ended up really loving some of the other colors she sent!  I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous about the application, what if I mess it up?  I didn’t want to waste any!  After watching a tutorial that Lacquer is the Best Medicine did, I was super excited  and couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

Polished Expression 0004

They came laid out on wax paper and are really easy to use.  First choose which wrap you want and trim it to a bit larger than your nail.  Then paint your nail with base coat or polish and while the polish is still tacky, peal the wrap off the paper, smooth it onto your nail and press down around the sides with an orange stick to seal the edges.  Once your base coat is dry, then peal off the excess around your nail and clean up the edges.

I actually did pretty good my first time, but you will see that I got better at cleaning the edges as I went.  I tried it first on my natural nails, then on my press-ons, and liked them both.  You can use these as a whole manicure or just on an accent nail which gives you lots of options.   There are quite a few color schemes you can choose from and Deb offers custom designs too, so shoot her a message and see what she can do for you.

OK, are you ready for tons of pics?

Polished Expression 0016

Polished Expression 0015

Polished Expression 0019

Polished Expression 0020

Polished Expression 0021

Polished Expression 0022

Polished Expression 0023

Polished Expression 0024

Polished Expression 0025

I really loved these!  Check out all of the pretty nail wraps and cute wood decor in the Polished Expression Store and keep with with the news and sales on Facebook and Twitter.

Polished Expression 0026


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