Northern Star Polish NEW Winter Release and GIVEAWAY

I have a bunch of pretty Northern Star Polish to show you today, some new, some old and even one Winter Polish that was literally release minutes ago!  …don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for a GIVEAWAY!

The Northern Star Winter Collection was released today at noon central and there are 12 beautiful new colors and 2 cuticle oils coming out.  I am really excited to show you Evergreen!  I was sent a prototype so the color has changed just slightly but it is still an absolutely gorgeous dark green holographic polish.  …you all know how much I love holos, I definitely squealed when Kristin slipped this into my order!  In these pictures I am wearing two coats and a topcoat.  The formula and drying time was great, this one is SO perfect for Fall and Winter!

Northern Star Polish - Evergreen 1

Northern Star Polish - Evergreen 2

Northern Star Polish - Evergreen 3

Northern Star Polish - Evergreen 4

Bronzite and Tourmaline are from the Autumn Gems CollectionBronzite is a dark brown polish with light gold glitter and translucent white irregular shaped glitter.  In these pictures I am wearing two coats and a top coat, but I might have been able to get away with only one coat!  It is so pretty, I love the combo of brown and gold together.

Bronzite Collage

Tourmaline isn’t listed in the shop right now, but is so pretty!  It is a dark green to teal colored polish that has a speckled look with hints of emerald sparkle in the light.  In these pictures I have on 3 coats with a topcoat.

Tourmaline Collage

Poppy Refreshed, The Lone Gunmetal and Hey, Big Spender have been in her store for a while, but they are so pretty and I wanted to share them with you too.  I’ve been sitting on these pics for awhile because I kept thinking I wanted to re-swatch them now that my nails are longer, but for the sake of moving on I need to stop being such a perfectionist.

Poppy Refreshed has a light coral base with ultra-fine gold and coral flake glitter, pink and coral flower glitters, and gold hexes.  I love the flower glitters so much!  In these pictures I am wearing three coats and a topcoat, but this could be layered over colors to give it a different look.

Poppy Refreshed Collage

The Lone Gunmetal and Hey, Big Spender are part of the Paranormal X Collection inspired by the X-Files.

The Lone Gunmetal is dusty teal color with lots of shimmer – plus blue, aqua holo, and of course gunmetal glitters!  In these pictures I have on 3 coats with a topcoat.

The Lone Gunmetal Collage

Hey, Big Spender is a light smoky gray base with opaline, periwinkle, white, and pastel glitters.   It is inspired by one of the creepiest villains in tv history …the Cigarette Smoking Man who is clouded in mystery and conspiracy theories.   This one can be worn alone in 2-3 coats or layered over a darker color to really make the blue glitters stand out.  In these pics I am wearing 3 coats alone with a top coat on the left and one coat layered over Smuldering on the right.

Hey Big Spender Collage

Northern Star Polish is actually participating in my 1 year anniversary giveaway so you can enter win some of her products too!  Kristin has donated a Polish Making Kit!  (I am so jealous!)  It contains everything you need to make your very own polish!  She also sent me an extra Hey, Big Spender a while back so I am giving that away to one of you as well!


All of Northern Star are Big 4-Free which means they are never made with DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde Resen.  They are also Cruelty-free, Gluten-free, Vegan and hand-crafted in our very own USA.  Kristin personally tests all of her ingredients and puts all products through a holding period before releasing them for sale.  That’s what’s so great about home-made products; you can really know what is going into them!

Show Kristin some love on Facebook and check out all of the  Northern Star Polish Collections in the Etsy Store.

The products in the review are a combo of purchases and blogger samples, all opinions are my own.  Thank you so much for the opportunity Kristin, as always, I can’t wait to see what you create next!



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