Beauty Bar Baby Mineral Eyeshadow Review and SALE!

Beauty Bar Baby Eyeshadow Set 2
I have recently been trying to use more natural beauty products, so when my friend told me about Beauty Bar Baby Mineral Makeup I jumped at the chance to buy the discounted blogger package to try them and share them with you.  All of the mineral makeup at Beauty Bar Baby is 100% all natural with NO parabens, sulfates, talc, preservatives, fragrances, dyes, or cheap fillers added.  Everything in the shop is handcrafted in small batches by Nicole.  She literally has 100’s of items and tons of colors in her shop and is constantly adding new things!  Keep reading for a special offer just for us!
Beauty Bar Baby Eyeshadow Set 3
I bought 2 blogger packages with 6 eye shadows each and even trying to pick just 12 colors was hard!  I decided to try both warm and cool shades so I could play around with some fun color combos.  When they arrived I was in awe!  These are definitely the prettiest eye shadows I have every owned, or even seen!  Some of them are so sparkly, I just can’t get over it!  Each eyeshadow was individually sealed in shrink wrapped plastic, so they all arrived safely with no spillage at all.
I was super excited, but honestly I had never used loose powdered eyeshadow before.  First I played around with it using q-tips and then bought a little makeup brush set at CVS.  I swatched each color on my arm, both dry and wet.  It is crazy how different they can look when applied wet!  Several of the ones I bought were eyeshadow/eyeliners and I really loved how they looked as eyeliner!  I was surprised what smooth line you can get using it this way.  Then of course I played around with a few different looks using them.  Are you ready for tons of pics?
Black Widow, Meteor and Stolen  Left to Right is Black Widow, Meteor and Stolen.
Black Widow Liner/Shadow – Black with silver diamond fire sparks through out
Meteor Liner/Shadow – Smokey grey/black matte shade with silver sparkles
Stolen Liner/Shadow – Steel blue grey with purple undertones
Chocolate Sparks, Camp Fire and Sandy Toes  Left to Right is Chocolate Sparks, Campfire and Sandy Toes.
Chocolate Sparks Glimmer Eyeshadow – Chocolate brown with hints of golden sparks
Campfire Eyeshadow – Rich shimmery oranges, golds & browns
Sandy Toes – Neutral soft colors of peaches, pinks & gleaming honey golds
Seductress and Grapeberry  Left to Right is Seductress and Grapeberry.
Seductress Duo Chrome Eyeshadow – Matte Black base color (looks purple in jar) loaded with purple sparkle glitter & purple interference glowing undertones
Grapeberries Glimmer Eyeshadow – Medium purple amethyst with black undertones
Sexy and Lust  Left to Right is Lust and Sexy
Lust Glimmer Eyeshadow – Deep mauve/burgandy tone with brown undertones
Sexy Glimmer Eyeshadow – Plum burgundy with pink rose undertones
Dragons Tail and Barbados  Left to Right is Dragon’s Tail and Barbados.
Dragon’s Tail Liner/Shadow – Deep & dark shades of blues & emerald greens with black undertones, more of a teal shade
Barbados Glimmer Eyeshadow – Shimmery teal blue green shade with silver sparkle undertones
I had a lot of fun playing around with different looks and colors, but found out quickly that I am not a makeup artist …yet, haha. 🙂
Black Widow and Sexy
Black Widow & Lust
Stolen and Dragons Tail
Dragon’s Tail & Stolen
Barbados and Seductress Seductress & Barbardos
Sandy Toes and Chocolate Sparks
Sandy Toes & Chocolate Sparks

SALE Time!

There is a Fall Sale going on right now for 50% Off All Eyeshadow Colorsand Nicole has actually offered a special discount, just for US!  Use the code 10FREEBIEMOMMIE10 at checkout for an extra 10% off your order!  Yay!  Check out all of the amazing products in the Beauty Bar Baby Store and follow along on Facebook for all the latest sales and giveaways.
Extra bonus fun…
My friend Sarah from Polish Luv turned one of her Beauty Bar Baby Eyeshadows into a nail polish and it was incredible!  Now, I don’t know anything about polish making (and I’ll leave it to the experts) but I couldn’t resist and put a little bit of Campfire into some clear base coat to see what would happen.  I really love this coppery color!
Camp Fire Polish 2
Then I put a bit of Barbados in an almost empty bottle of Taste the Rainbow from Polish Luv and came up with this awesome color!  Fun! …looks like Nicole should start making polish too! 😉
Barbados in Taste the Rainbow 2
              z Black Widow and Sexy

The Devil Wears Polish Halloween Boo-tifuls *Limited Edition*

The Devil Wears Polish 000

Yay, I’m so excited to have another set of polish from The Devil Wears Polish to share with you, and this one is just in time for Halloweeeeen!  Tami makes all of her polishes using a 3-free base and personally hand-mixes each bottle with lots of love and badassery and it shows!

The Devil Wears Polish 004The Devil Wears Polish has come out with a great Limited Edition Halloween Boo-tifuls Collection and she sent me two of them to try.  These are so cute, I have never owned any Halloween themed polish and they’re perfect!    First up is Jack of All Lanterns.  This one has a pumpkin orange crelly base with large black circle glitters (my fav!) and other different sized smaller black, white and yellow dot glitter.  Here I have on three coats with a top coat, and obviously black on my accent nail for fun.  I think this just might be the perfect one to wear with my candy corn witch outfit 🙂

The Devil Wears Polish 010


The Devil Wears Polish 003Next I want to show you Tricky Treat.  I love this one and have been excited about it ever since the moment Tami announced the arrival of her skull and cross bone glitter.  That’s right, this one is a tricky treat!  It has super cute pink and purple square glitters in a white crelly base with the raddest black skull and cross bone glitters.  Here I have on 3 coats with a top coat.  This is perfect for Halloween or anytime you want to wear polish with attitude.  

The Devil Wears Polish 009

Now, sometimes those super cool larger glitters can be a bit tricky because they are heavier and sink.  No problem, I found that turning the bottle upside down for a bit before polishing helped me be able to grab all the goodies.

This Halloween Boo-tifuls Collection will be available TODAY along with several other gorgeous new releases!  Check out all the pretties at The Devil Wears Polish Store and show Tami some love on Facebook.

Stay tuned for my next review coming SOON where I will share some major holographic eye candy with you…

Architectural Mailboxes Review

Architectural Mailboxes Winston 01

Architectural Mailboxes is founded on the notion that mailboxes are not just products of utility, they also serve as a first impression of your home, and should enhance curb appeal and provide functionality consistent with your lifestyle.  You would think, the crazy mail lover that I am, that I would have an awesome mailbox for the postman to stuff full of all my freebies every day.  Not so much!  I have a rusty little wall mounted mailbox that I think was the original from when my Grandad bought this house in the ’50’s!   So, needless to say, I was super excited to get the opportunity to review a new one from Architectural Mailboxes on my blog.

Architectural Mailboxes Winston 03I chose the Winston Mailbox in Oil-rubbed Bronze.  I loved the color and the sleek rounded front.  This style is post-mounted and there are several different post styles to choose from, but my husband does everything himself and wanted to build a custom post.  🙂  We haven’t stained it to match yet, but he did a good job.  I really love this mailbox!  It was a lot bigger than I had imagined and fits the style and color scheme of our house perfectly.

Architectural Mailboxes Winston 02

Architectural Mailboxes has a mailbox for any home or lifestyle.  They offer post mounted, wall mounted, locking and multi-home mailboxes.  They even have a locking parcel drop mailbox that would be every freebie lover and product reviewers dream!  Check out all of the stylish options at and keep up to date with the latest news and promotions on their Facebook and Twitter.

I received this product complimentary from Architectural Mailboxes in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

Architectural Mailboxes Winston 04

Build A Sign Business Cards Review

Build A Sign Business Cards 2

Build A Sign is a company that makes promotional products for your business, like signs, magnets, bumper stickers, decals and business cards.  All of their products are printed on high quality materials with some of the most advanced printing equipment available.  Their online design tool lets you create your own custom products, even upload your own images.

As my blog grows, networking opportunities have been arising.  There have already been times that I wished I had a card to give to a brand representative or fellow freebie lover, so I was excited to have the opportunity to review these business cards from Build A Sign.  The online designer was really easy to use, and there are lots of different templates to choose from.  Each design is 100% customizable with options to change the fonts, colors, sizes, pictures or positioning.  There is even the ability to upload your own image which gives you limitless options.

Build A Sign Business Cards 1

I was really happy with how my cards turned out.  These were made with 12pt card stock on 2″x3.5″ flat matte paper.  They are good quality and have a really nice feel to them.

Check out all of the great promotional products at and follow along for news and promotions on Facebook and Twitter.  They pride themselves on 100% satisfaction and offer FREE SHIPPING on most products, yay!

I was given this product complimentary from Build A Sign in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

sign maker
Business Card Maker

Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi Review and GIVEAWAY

DSCF2744 (2) After falling in love with my Purex Dryer Sheets, I was super excited to get the chance to try Purex laundry detergent next.  I was sent a bag of Purex Ultra Packs plus Oxi to review and 3 coupons for FREE Bags to share with YOU, yay!


DSCF2844I have always used liquid detergent, so I was curious to try Purex UltraPacks which come in convenient single dose laundry detergent pods. This eliminates those sticky drips that run down your detergent bottles and those times you just pour it everywhere, like me!  They are added directly to your laundry, dissolve quickly and can be used in regular or High Efficiency  laundry machines.  Purex Ultra Packs plus Oxi are super concentrated detergent capsules that use the stain fighting power of Oxi with Zout stain removers to perform real dirt lifting action.  It claims to fight 101 of your tough stains!  Hmm, I wonder what #97 is, and I guess stain #102 is just too tough. 😉  Ok, all jokes aside, does it work? That’s what really matters!

I noticed right away that my laundry was smelling fresher, especially those large loads of damp towels after the toddlers flood the floor during bath time. 🙂  When my husband heard I was testing a stain fighting detergent, he grabbed a shirt he thought he had stained and said he could barely find the spot.  I know this isn’t a very good test because I didn’t get before pictures, or even see the spot, but he was impressed, and that’s rare, lol.

I was super happy with my experience trying the NEW Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi and will definitely consider buying more once I run out.

The Purex Brand provided me with a sample of Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi in exchange for a product review.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.


There are actually 2 giveaways going on!

1.) ENTER HERE to win a FREE Bag of Purex UlltraPacks plus Oxi  (Enter HERE without Facebook and a mobile friendly link:

Giveaway is open to 18+ & US only and will run until 10/1/2013 at 11:59pm.  3 winners will be chosen at random from verified entries.  Winners will be notified by email and have 48hrs to respond before another winner is chosen.  Don’t forget you can share daily for extra entries. Good luck!

2.) ENTER the Find the Red Football Jersey and Win Sweepstakes to win $50 from Purex!  HINT: Hover over “Products” then select “Detergent Packs – UltraPacks”  Then click on the Red Jersey to be taken to the entry form.

DSCF2744 (2)

Finders Keepers! …WIN a Finders Key Purse!


I have some really unique and clever products to share with you all today.  Isn’t This Clever is a company that focuses on innovative products which provide solutions to everyday problems.  They have a wide variety of creative helpful products and sent me several to review.  Keep reading to learn all about the Finders Key Purse key chain, FANtastics Pop-Up Fan, Phone Pouch and then Enter to WIN them for yourself!

DSCF1437Ladies, how much time have you spent digging through your purse to find your keys?  I’ll admit this used happen to me a LOT and often led to the entire contents of my purse being dumped on the counter.  When my friend shared a video about the Finders Key Purse key chain I was so intrigued  and this sounded perfect for me!  The Finders Key Purse is basically a key chain that has a decorative hook which attaches to the side of your purse, bag, briefcase or pocket.  This way you can easily find your keys because they will always be hooked to the side of your purse.  The last thing you want to be doing is digging through your purse in the parking lot while holding groceries and carrying a toddler on one hip!

It is actually the ability to hook them to my pocket that I love so much because until now when getting the kids in and out of the car, I would hang my car keys out of my pocket using the car key remote.  Well, as you can imagine, this often led to me setting off my own car alarm.  With the Finders Key Purse, I just hook my key chain to my pocket, even giving me access to the car remote so I can lock and unlock doors with ease when my hands are full.  I seriously love this clever little product and will continue using it!  They come in SO many cute designs too!  I was sent a plain silver one and a cute little red heart.  I kept the silver one, because I actually really love the simpleness of it  and I could get it engraved at some point but there a few other designs that are totally me, (like Sunny Days) and I feel like there is something for everyone …even the dudes!   I have two extra Finder Key Purse key chains so I want to give a couple of you the chance to try these products too!

New PictureThe FANtastics Pop-Up Fan is another great little product to keep you cool on the go.  It is a fold up fan that is so small you can actually hook it to your Finder Keepers key chain.  It easily pops out to a nice sized fan using a technique similar to your car shades.  I can see this being really useful for those moms who spend hours in the sun cheering on their kids at sports games, or really anywhere!  It comes in several cute patterns and I love them all!  I’ll be honest though, I am always cold.  If it drops below 75, I’ll grab a sweater, haha!  So, I want to give this to one of you to enjoy.


I was also sent the Phone Pouch.  This is a protective neoprene slip cover for your phone that will even accommodate most phone covers.  You can also connect to your Finder Key Purse key chain so you are never digging through your purse to find your phone and missing your calls.  This pouch fits my iPhone perfectly, but I have an added battery case on it, so it’s a little tight and I want to give this cool little product to one of you!

Check out all of the clever products and gift options at, then show them some love on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

I was given these products for review purposes and all opinions are my own.



I want to share these clever little products with you!  There will be two winners:

  1. Ruby Heart Finders Key Purse and the Phone Pouch
  2. Striped Flip Flops Finder Key Purse and the FANtastics Pop-Up Fan


Mobile Friendly Link:

Winner will be chosen at random from verified entries on 9/30/2013.  1st verified winner will get prize #1 and 2nd winner will get #2.  Open to 18+ and US only.  Good luck!

HUGE 18 Prize Giveaway ends TONIGHT!

Emily from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics has reached over 1,200 likes on her facebook page and is celebrating with a HUGE giveaway!   I recently found and fell in love with Carpe Noctem Cosmetics when I won her nail polish naming contest!  I won the beautiful Heart of Gold polish that I had the pleasure of naming and bought Cinnamocha and I just LOVE them!  You have got to check out the amazing products in her store!
She has called Bloggers, Polish Makers and Crafters alike together to sponsor some amazing prizes …including one from me! (#13)  I am so excited to be a part of this giveaway with these other inspiring crafty individuals!   🙂
There are 18 prizes available!  Check out the prize photos and descriptions below, as well as the links back to facebook pages, shops and blogs.  A big thanks to Possibly Polished for putting the official giveaway post together! 🙂


Read the rules and good luck! No cheating–We’re all friends here, right?

Fine Print:  Must be 18 or older to enter (unless you have parental permission!).
US Only, with the exception of prize 14. 
(Sorry my friends! If you have someone in the US willing to accept your prize and forward on to you, enter away!). Be honest as we will verify entries and disqualify cheaters! This giveaway will be posted on blogs and facebook pages, but is in no way associated/ sponsored with/by Facebook or any blog platforms.
Prize 1
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics
1 Custom Nail Polish and 1 Custom Eyeshadow plus 2 mystery prizes
 Prize 2
Rachels Custom Crochet-
One Custom set of Arm warmers
Prize 3 

Gothic Gala Lacquers-

Any 2 full size bottles from the Holo-Deck Collection

Prize 4
Makeup ASSASSIN and Gem City Tiffany-
Any one full size polish, and One “Comet Vomit” nail polish pendant necklace
Prize 5
Philly Loves Lacquer-
2 pre-releases/ prototypes- Unnamed, but numbered polishes
Prize 6
Mineral Brilliance-
1 full size mineral veil and coral peach shadow, 3 trial foundations and 4 samples of any item in the shop
Prize 7
Lucky 13 Lacquers-
1 bottle of only SIX of Our Most Beloved Star from her Lord of the Rings collection
Prize 8
Chronically Fantabulous –
a  full 16 pc BFTE cosmetics sample set, any of which can be seen here.
Winners choice!
Prize 9
Karmic Faerie-
a 100% Labradorite and wire Tree of Life pendant
Prize 10
Vandies Crafty Tree
A set of jewelry from her shop.
 Winners Choice!
Prize 11
Wingin’ it Lacquer-
3 Full size polishes

Facebook | Shop

Prize 12 

Katatonik Creations –
2 Lavender StarBathbombs, and  a bar of “Breakfast at helens” handcrafted tea and oatmeal soap


Prize 13

Designs By Elisa-
2 pairs of Handcrafted earrings
Facebook | Twitter


The Lazy Lacquerista –
Mini Pretty & Polished Lollipops and Gumdrops, a Full size Ruby White Tips Kick Ass Top Coat and Two mini polishes from Tara’s Talons
Facebook | BlogLovin’

Prize 15

Lacquer is the Best Medicine
Six (6) NYC Polishes
Facebook | BlogLovin’ | Twitter

Prize 16

The Devil Wears Polish
Full size bottle of an un-named polish from the Halloween Bootifuls Collection

Prize 17

Potions in Motion
Three (3) polishes
Facebook | Blog

Prize 18

Possibly Polished
Back to School Prize Pack- Two (2) Ulta Nail Polishes, Neon Crayons, One (1) Sheer Design Eyeshadow, Goody Hairties and a Lipsmacker lipgloss
Facebook | BlogLovin’

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter! Good Luck!!


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